Rose is experienced in creating individualized programs of study in piano and in voice in her beautiful music studio setting.

She specializes in founding programs of study that include classical and popular music for teenagers and adults, teaching those in many different professions such as doctors, clergy, attorneys, writers, actors, engineers, designers, and dancers. Rose helps to bring joy to each person by identifying their special gifts and helping them reach their potential.

A Rose Pfaff music class is an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind experience. Rose sheds light on how music is connected to other art forms and to other aspects of life. In the process, the learner has the satisfaction of discovering a stronger and more personal connection to music. A very uplifting and soulful experience.”
Ken Muir
Pianist, Arranger, Composer, Lyricist, Teacher
San Francisco, CA

“Rose is a beautifully grounded performer, teacher, and artist.”
Jerry Leimenstoll
Architect, Greensboro, NC
Architect for Sound Sculpture 5
and Sound Sculpture 6

Rose frequently offers a "Musical Connections"  class, conducted in her musical arts studio in Greensboro, NC.  "Muscial Connections" focuses on the interconnectedness between music, the visual arts, architecture, spirtuality, community and well being.  These are normally  structured as a once a week session spanning four weeks.  Allow yourself the opportunity to experience Rose's uniquely warm personal style and humanistic interdisciplinary approach!

Contact Rose @ for more detail on individual sessions and upcoming classes.